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Obesity is dangerous for everyone regardless of age, gender, and medical conditions. It worsens the situation when it is not cured for a long time. According to CDC, obesity has affected about 15 million children and adolescents in the US. It is a serious matter of concern that deserves the attention of parents or guardians. In order to ensure a healthy life ahead, preventative measures should be taken to prevent obesity in children.

One of the primary things that parents may do is to ensure the regular intake of calcium supplements as they are essential for the growth of strong bones and teeth but also helps maintain a healthy weight in kids. Calcium and weight loss through calcium supplements are very beneficial for ensuring health in children.

Impact on the Physical Health of Children

Obesity has a greater impact on the physical health of children. Here is how it can affect the health of your kids and create complications in their life in the future.

High Cholesterol

If there is consistency in consuming junk food and other unhealthy food items, high cholesterol levels can be witnessed. The threats of high cholesterol include heart disease, strokes, or heart attacks, even in children. Weight loss can result in lower cholesterol levels and lesser threats to the life of children.


The cases of diabetes are drastically increasing around the world. The leading cause is the unhealthy lifestyle of people that the children are also adopting. Diabetes from an initial age can be life-threatening as there is no cure for diabetes. Over time, it starts damaging the heart, kidney and nerves, eyes, blood vessels, and other chronic problems.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can result in long-term health effects. For women, it can result in heart failure and strokes. Doctors recommend calcium supplements to regulate blood pressure in kids, and it also helps for weight loss through burning fat. Through daily consumption of calcium and weight loss is a matter of common practice and achievable with the help of calcium supplements that can also result in developing strong bones and teeth, burning fat, regulating body functions, and other benefits.

What Can You Do to Prevent Obesity in Your Children?

Here is a list of things you can encourage your kids to follow and help them stay fit and healthy. Parents can also monitor the effects of calcium and weight loss while providing right kind of supplements to their children.

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle by focusing on good health and try not to prioritize a certain weight goal.
  • Promote physical activities in the children by encouraging them to engage in sports that require body movement.
  • Consult a nutritionist if necessary so that they may plan the meal according to the health needs of your children.
  • Ensure the regular intake of minerals and vitamins like vitamin D and supplements like calcium supplements.

Finding the right calcium supplements for your kids can be crucial, as the major concern of parents is the side effects of supplements, but TotallyCALCIUM has no side effects and is safe to take by people of all ages and genders. They are 100% soluble and highly absorbable, so parents don’t have to worry about the tantrums their kids might throw at them due to bad taste.

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