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Our bodies require calcium as an essential nutrient to maintain and build bones. You may have heard about calcium making bones stronger, which is true, but unfortunately, here is another fact that you must hear: our diets don’t usually supply us with enough calcium. People, especially women, are prescribed calcium supplements to supplement these deficiencies.

Unfortunately, there is mounting evidence that there is a direct correlation between calcium supplements and kidney stones. And that is devastating news as kidneys are adversely affected by the formation of stones. Kidneys being vital to keeping our bodies in balance, the formation of kidney stones can eventually lead to kidney failure. To understand the importance of kidneys and their importance, we must first understand the functions of the kidney.

Kidney Functions

Kidneys are one of the most important organs in our body, right behind the heart and the lungs. Their primary function is to remove the waste and toxins our body wants to get rid of. Besides this primary function, there are several other important functions kidneys carry out, like turning the vital nutrient vitamin D into its active form and helping make the hormones essential in producing red blood cells.

Now that we have a clear idea of the various functions of the kidney, we can further understand why the excessive intake of calcium supplements contributes to the formation of kidney stones. We’ll now look at why this relationship is such a dilemma.

Calcium Supplements and Kidney Stones

As discussed earlier, increasing evidence points to calcium supplements contributing to kidney stone formation. But at the same time, calcium deficiency in the body also leads to the formation of kidney stones. So, if you’re calcium deficient, there’s an increased incidence of kidney stones, and if you take in increased amounts of calcium supplements to counter that, the results will be similar. Hence, the dilemma.

The real increased intake of calcium supplements leads to the formation of kidney stones lies in the nature of calcium in the supplement. More precisely, the amount of calcium builds up in the body from supplements if it is not water-soluble. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.

How Totally Calcium® Can Help

Totally CALCIUM® is a supplement that decreases the incidence of kidney stone formation. The supplement achieves this by being completely soluble. So, supplementing your dietary intake of calcium with Totally CALCIUM® can help you avoid the formation of kidney stones while helping your body intake the calcium it needs.


One in eleven people in the US are affected by this painful and debilitating condition. Evidence points to a clear relationship between calcium supplements and kidney stones. With the help of Totally CALCIUM®, this debilitating condition can be countered. The daily consumption recommendation for women between the ages of 19 to 50 is around 1000 mg per day. And after 50 years, the recommended daily intake is raised to 1200 mg.

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