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Pregnancies usually follow a routine course. But sometimes, due to pre-existing conditions or medical issues, a pregnancy may become difficult. These difficult pregnancies threaten the mother and the baby’s health or even life. Medically such a pregnancy is termed a high-risk pregnancy. Due to complications, the incidence of high-risk pregnancies is about 6 to 8 percent of all pregnancies.

High-risk pregnancies are mostly influenced by pre-existing medical conditions or issues like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart or blood disorders, thyroid disease, epilepsy, infections, and poorly controlled asthma. Fortunately, research has shown that when obstetricians prescribe calcium supplements for pregnant women, the incidence percentage decreases significantly.

High-risk pregnancies are a leading cause of preterm births and maternal deaths. And after preterm birth, the baby may face further complications, like increased incidence of neurological issues, higher chances of developing respiratory disorders, and in some unfortunate cases, death is also a possibility. Thus, prescribing calcium supplements to mothers with high-risk pregnancies takes precedence. Let’s look at how taking calcium supplements can help in such cases.

How calcium supplements help in high-risk pregnancies

An increase in the intake of calcium supplements helps with managing a pre-existing condition like hypertension. Hypertensive disorders like pre-eclampsia and eclampsia can threaten the health of both mother and baby. When obstetricians prescribe a regulated increased intake of calcium supplements to pregnant women, there is a significant decrease in the risk of these women developing a hypertensive disorder.

In fact, it is observed that the decrease in risk can be around 45%. Specifically, in the case of pre-eclampsia, the risk can further be reduced significantly, to almost 59%, thanks to the increased intake of calcium supplements. With such a significant decrease in risk, the chances of a successful full-term birth and a healthy baby are significantly increased.

Calcium supplementation can even help with certain uncomfortable conditions that women face during high-risk pregnancies, like constipation, bloating, and gas. With almost 50,000 cases of high-risk pregnancies in the US alone, pregnant women need to gain access to early prenatal care. And once diagnosed, obstetricians can then prescribe calcium supplements to lower the chances of risk.

How Totally CALCIUM® can help

Totally CALCIUM® is a calcium supplement that can help with high-risk pregnancies significantly. Totally CALCIUM® is a supplement that ensures a 100% absorption rate of calcium, ensuring that pregnant women can gain the maximum benefit. During pregnancy, women find it difficult to ingest calcium in pill form. Totally CALCIUM® helps in that regard as the supplement is in liquid form and is easily added to food without altering its color or flavor. Another issue that pregnant women face is nausea, and Totally CALCIUM® helps in this regard as well as it is colorless and flavorless, becoming easily ingestible.


High-risk pregnancies can cause the mother and the baby to face debilitating issues. These issues can be compounded by certain risk factors and can cause life-long problems to both mother and baby. When obstetricians prescribe calcium supplements for pregnant women, the risk factors decrease significantly. So, women need to seek prenatal care earlier so any problems can be diagnosed as soon as possible and treatment can commence, ensuring an easier pregnancy.

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