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Weight loss is a struggle that many go through. The need to shed pounds can be driven by the need to attain better fitness and a need to ward off against detrimental effects of a pre-existing condition, like diabetes, hypertension, or even to avoid these debilitating conditions. But based on the title, you may be asking about the relationship between calcium and weight loss?

Well, mounting evidence is pointing towards calcium enabling weight loss. And if you’re one of the millions worldwide trying to shed pounds, then that is some welcoming news. We know that calcium helps immensely keep our bones strong, our teeth strong, our skin healthy, and our hair shiny. It is also a huge help during pregnancy. But as we’ve learned through discoveries, calcium can enable weight loss.

But before you start asking about the best source of calcium, we’ll get to that later; first, look at the science backing up the correlation between weight loss and calcium. In any case, having information that pertains to your health is always welcome, so read on to learn more.

The calcium and weight loss correlation based on science

Many studies and clinical trials have added to the still mounting body of evidence pointing to such a correlation. We’ve compiled some of these studies and clinical trials that have provided evidence in this regard.

  • An article in the veritable Journal of Nutrition sheds light on the findings of some clinical trials on how calcium may be able to prevent obesity and prevent the incidence of diabetes.
  • Results provided by a weight loss program in Canada published in the veritable British Journal of Nutrition have provided evidence that women who increased their calcium intake through supplementation of 1200mgs of calcium daily lost approximately 12.2 pounds (6 kilos).
  • A Us National Institute of Health study provided evidence that obese people who followed a diet rich in calcium lost significant weight, especially in the high-risk mid-section area.

Our body can warn us if our diet isn’t providing us with enough calcium and can even move us to consume more to find the balance. There is mounting evidence that if our body has sufficient calcium, our brain can bar cravings to eat more. And as we know that the modern diet is deficient in calcium, what other solution is there for us?

Calcium supplements can be an excellent source

Calcium supplements can provide the calcium that our modern diet cannot provide us. Calcium supplements can cover the deficit without causing side effects. The only caveat is that you should talk with your doctor before using the supplements independently. Currently, one of the best supplements that offer the best results is Totally CALCIUM®. Totally CALCIUM® is a supplement that provides an effective way to augment your diet with ample calcium.


The struggle to lose weight can be taxing. And as evidence suggests, the correlation between calcium and weight loss is clear. So, the best way to increase calcium intake is to supercharge your weight loss journey; your diet should have enough calcium. As we know, our diet today is woefully inadequate in providing us with ample calcium, so considering adding calcium supplements is not a bad idea.

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