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Lactose malabsorption, commonly known as lactose intolerance, is usually the result of the insufficiency of the enzyme lactase because the body is unable to produce it. As a result, they can experience bloating, stomach or chest pain, diarrhea, or gastric problems. The condition has no harm, but it can be uncomfortable and cause serious digestive problems if left untreated. In this situation, people with lactose intolerance struggle with daily calcium intake as there are not many choices when it comes to lactose-free products and high calcium food. Although the degrees of lactose intolerance may vary from type to type, for some people, having lactose-free or low levels of lactose products may be an option. In this case, calcium supplements are a life savior, and if they are 100% soluble like TotallyCALCIUM, it feels too good to be true, especially to people with lactose intolerance.

Have a Healthy Breakfast

Calcium intake is necessary for people of every age group as 99% of our bones and teeth are made up of calcium. The benefits of calcium supplements are undeniable but having a healthy breakfast is equally important for every individual. If you are lactose intolerant, breakfast is a must as breakfast products like bread, fruits and cereals have calcium. A healthy breakfast can decrease the risks of heart failure by maintaining blood-sugar levels. Calcium-fortified orange juice is also a great substitute for milk for lactose-intolerant people.

The Use of Nuts, Vegetables, and Beans

Studies show that about 30 to 50 million American adults are lactose intolerant, and managing your calcium intake can be quite challenging. In this case, having nuts as a snack can be a source of losing weight and maintaining calcium levels. Among all the nuts, almonds have the highest amount of calcium as a human body needs about 1000 mg of calcium intake for men and women per day, despite their lactose intolerance.

Calcium Supplements- a lifesaver

There are several benefits of calcium supplements, but it is a blessing for people with lactose intolerance. As for them, completing the daily target of calcium intake can be challenging, and in times like these, calcium supplements can be your rescuer. When it comes to calcium supplements, one of the things you must look out for as a lactose intolerant person is if your supplements are soluble, and for that, TotallyCALCIUM is highly recommended. These supplements are the key to maintaining the strength of your bones and preventing diseases like osteoporosis. The other best feature of TotallyCALCIUM is that it is safe to use for people of all ages.

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