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Obesity is one of the major concerns in the world. It affects about 40% of adults in the US. It is considered a public health crisis in the United States and considered more dangerous than the opioid epidemic. It affects the health of an individual in various ways as it brings the threat of several diseases at once. According to a study, obesity is responsible for about 18% of deaths in the US, is now considered a public health hazard, and is comparable to cigarette smoking.

Especially after the pandemic, people are finding healthier alternatives to losing weight. A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise are common practices for weight loss and fighting obesity. Another recent finding has shown that calcium and weight loss are interlinked. Calcium through supplements can help burn down excess fat, whereas calcium from dietary cannot have such an effect on burning fat.

The Relationship Between Calcium and Weight Loss

Calcium and weight loss are interrelated for many reasons. Calcium helps in losing weight due to several reasons. There is no exaggeration in the fact that calcium plays a leading role in body functions. Studies show when calcium is stored in cells, it gives less space for the fat to adjust. The cell will burn more fat in order for the calcium to adjust, which may result in greater weight loss.

Calcium provides a significant increase in the process of thermogenesis – known as the core temperature of the body. Thermogenesis can boost metabolism, which can burn fat faster. Calcium also lowers hunger sensations and suppresses diet, ultimately may result in weight loss.

Additional Benefits of Weight Loss with Calcium Supplements

Here is a list of additional benefits that regular calcium intake ensures.

A Maintained Blood-Pressure

Calcium helps in the regulation of blood pressure. This is why there is a compulsion for calcium supplements for pregnant women, as hypertension in pregnant women can lead to serious complications. Obesity is very harmful to people with hypertension. Both of them make a deadly combination that can create life-threatening conditions. Calcium weight loss can help control your blood pressure as well.

Better Sleep

Recent evidence suggests that calcium plays a leading role in relaxing the brain and helps in the sleeping process. According to studies, calcium is a natural sleeping aid as it helps to use tryptophan, a type of amino acid that helps produce melatonin, a hormone that helps maintain the sleep cycle.

Lower Risk of Cancer

According to a study, a total of 13 cancers are associated with obesity. Weight loss can decrease the risks of these cancers, while the added benefit of weight loss through calcium supplements may help prevent colorectal cancer. Colon cancer or colorectal cancer is the most common cancer affecting about one in 23 men and one in 25 women. Adequate levels of calcium in the body may help prevent colorectal cancer and may also help losing weight simultaneously.


The overdose of any medication can have an adverse effect on your health, which implies calcium supplements as well. Meeting the daily targets of calcium and weight loss at once is possible with Totally CALCIUM®, that are 100% soluble and highly absorbable. They are safe to take by people of all ages and genders and as always should be taken after consulting with doctor.

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