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Soon after the pandemic, healthy eating and a sustainable lifestyle started trending. People realized the importance when they were stuck in their homes for months. The realization was important not only for our environment but also for the health and goodness of the people. A healthy lifestyle has several pros and cons, so why wait when you can start your journey with healthy eating now. First, you must know about our body’s important nutrients to stay fit and healthy. Calcium is one of the most important minerals that need daily consumption to ensure good health.

We are aware of the fact that calcium is the most abundant mineral found in our bodies. Studies have shown that about 99% of the calcium in the body is stored in the bones, and the remaining 1% is found in the blood, muscles, and tissues. Despite this abundance, the most needed mineral in our body is calcium. It can be consumed through food, and the remaining need can be fulfilled by supplements. There are several benefits of calcium supplements as they maintain the levels of calcium in the body. Here are some surprising benefits of calcium you might not be aware of.

The Health of the Brain – Memory Formation and Synaptic Activity

Calcium plays an important role in the neurological functioning of the brain. According to a study, calcium is fundamental in forming memory and controlling synaptic activities. This is why calcium deficiency can result in memory loss, depression, hallucinations, or confusion. When the levels of calcium are restored, these symptoms can disappear. Sufficient levels of calcium in the body also help to maintain a well-balanced sleep cycle, and deficiency may result in insomnia.

The Relationship Between Calcium and Blood Clotting

Recent studies have shown that calcium plays a significant role in blood clotting, also known as coagulation. The blood platelets are responsible for coagulation, and calcium ions and vitamin K are needed to accelerate blood clotting pathways.

Calcium and Weight Loss

Besides the numerous benefits of calcium supplements, weight loss is the most tiring and tested. Calcium supplements help in weight loss by trimming fat cells. According to studies, calcium suppresses appetite levels by 12%. Calcium helps to reduce belly fat more and prevents your body from storing excess fat.

The Role of Calcium in the Human Heart

Regular intake of calcium can improve the health and condition of the heart. It plays an essential role in pumping the heart and electrical activities. Research has shown that calcium particles are in charge of the link between electrical activations and mechanical contractions.

Regulation of Muscle Contraction with Calcium

Calcium is often associated with the health of bones and teeth but also helps the body’s movement. Muscle contraction is also dependent upon the calcium in the body. The deficiency of calcium can lead to fatigue, muscle weakness, cramps, and aches, as muscles lacking calcium can no longer maintain their normal tone.


It is nearly impossible to meet the daily requirements of calcium solely through food; this is where calcium supplements can come in handy. The benefits of calcium supplements are difficult to ignore. Some people have medical conditions like lactose intolerance or IBS and cannot consume certain calcium-rich products. Calcium supplements are a lifesaver for people with such medical conditions.

Finding the right calcium supplements can be challenging as not every supplement is soluble and highly absorbable. TotallyCALCIUM® can fulfill all your calcium needs and are 100% soluble and absorbable. They are safe to take by people of all ages, genders, and medical conditions.

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