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When we imagine the importance of calcium, we usually think of our bones and teeth. Although our bones and teeth are the prime beneficiaries of calcium in our bodies, calcium does much more for our bodies. Our skin, multiple organs, muscles, and tissues also need calcium. In the long run, the loss of calcium through our body’s daily functions or a lack of intake can contribute to major health issues, the major loss being in bone density. So, it isn’t surprising that using calcium supplements for bones can protect against such a huge loss.

But the question is, as we age, do we need to restrict the usage of calcium through our diet or with calcium supplementation in the diet to counter any side effects? That question has profound connotations in terms of old age fitness and healthcare. The medical care system related to senior care has grave concerns that overuse of calcium supplementation might burden an already overtaxed system. But the latest research related to the effects of calcium on the health of the aged population provides some reassuring answers. Read on to learn how calcium supplementation can be considered a boon to the health of the older generation

Calcium benefits the older generation

As we age, our calcium needs also change. This change includes an increased requirement in the amount of calcium we intake through our regular diet. But as we are keenly aware of the fact of inadequacy of our diet in providing ample calcium, the next best thing is adding calcium through supplements. In fact, by the time we reach the age of 50, our daily requirement increases from 1000 mg to 1200 mg. The increase in the daily requirement of calcium is due to the natural loss of calcium in the body, which leads to a loss in bone density, leading to an increased risk of fractures.

Calcium supplements can help in this regard by boosting our regular diet. The more we add calcium-rich foods to our diet, the better our chances of balancing the loss in calcium. And ultimately, the addition of calcium supplements can lead to better results.

Calcium supplements to the rescue

Calcium supplements can prove to be the last line of defense in balancing our calcium intake and the calcium required by the body. With age, we run the risk of developing debilitating conditions caused by calcium deficiency, and the biggest issue is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can affect our regular daily activities as just a light trauma can cause fractures, and due to the advanced age, our healing also gets affected. So, recovering from these fractures can take a lot longer than in younger patients.

Calcium supplements help in avoiding the serious consequences of conditions like osteoporosis. A good example of an effective calcium supplement is Totally CALCIUM®. Totally CALCIUM® is an effective supplement that tops up our diet with the adequate calcium amount that our body requires.


As we approach old age, our body requires a more ample supply of calcium, especially for our skeletal structure, which can be provided by calcium supplements for bones. Boosting our diet with calcium supplements can provide great results in this regard.


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