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When you’re walking, running, or even laying down in your bed, do you ever think about bones and their importance? The answer most of us will come up with is probably “no,” as we do not see our bones in action — we mostly take them for granted. But all the activities we mentioned earlier, and a lot more besides them, would never be possible without the skeletal structure supporting our bodies. So, it isn’t a surprise that doctors prescribe calcium supplements for bones when patients suffer from a fracture.

But what’s the relationship between a fracture and calcium supplements? An even better question would be, “what exactly is bone density?” To answer this question, let’s first understand bone density and how low bone density can be dangerous.

What is bone density?

Remember when you were young, and your parents would insist that you drink all the milk in your glass down to the last drop? Well, you’d be happy to know that the daily glass full of milk contributed a lot to your bone health later on. And it all has to do with bone density.

You see, your bones are not solid, they are porous, and calcium is the main ingredient of that porous structure. Bone density simply means how porous your bones are. The more porous your bones are, the lower their density is. And that is a quite serious situation; as more porous the bones are, the more they are prone to fractures. And that is definitely not a good situation!

So, it goes without saying that the less porous your bones are, the stronger they are. Now that we have a firm grasp on bone density, we can move on to understand how calcium supplements help with healing fractures.

How do calcium supplements help in healing fractures?

Calcium is a vital mineral that our bodies need to keep our bones strong. And our bodies require a daily recommended amount to maintain our bones; around 1000 mg for people between the ages of 20 and 50 and 1200 mg for people older than 50. But our modern diets are woefully inadequate in calcium. Add to that the physical activities we do daily or any damage inflicted to our bones, and the already reduced daily intake can become a critical issue.

Additionally, some conditions also further deplete the calcium in our bodies. To boost our daily intake of calcium, doctors prescribe calcium supplements. Whenever we suffer from a fracture, these supplements can be a vital tool to help us heal the affected bone. A good example of an effective supplement is Totally CALCIUM®, which is a great source of absorbable calcium that can enable quicker healing of a bone after it suffers a fracture. In addition to that, it can also help ensure that the damage from an injury in the future is lesser, as stronger bones don’t break so easily.


Calcium supplements for bones can play an important role in keeping our bones strong enough and also promote rapid healing after a fracture. Our bones are vital for keeping us moving, and weak bones can lead to fractures. Complementing our diets with calcium supplements can help our bones in becoming stronger.

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