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Our bones are tissues that constantly break down and replace with new ones; this process is called the regeneration of bones. Osteoporosis intervenes and slows down the function of the creation of new bone cells resulting in brittle and weak bones. The structure of bones is like a honeycomb from the inside. It has holes that are pretty close to each other, and osteoporosis increases the gap between these holes, making them hollow from the inside and fragile from the outside.

Osteoporosis is untreatable, but the preventative guidelines can save you from this disease if appropriate measures like sufficient Calcium are taken daily to maintain the bones’ health. Here is a complete guideline on the causes and symptoms of osteoporosis to prevent it or avoid the late diagnosis, which mostly happens in many cases; it’s not curable but can be slowed down by taking the calcium supplements for osteoporosis.

Common Causes of Osteoporosis

There are numerous causes of osteoporosis. Constant calcium deficiency in the early stages of life is one and the most prominent of all. With growing age, the regeneration process of bones is slowed down, and if the body is deprived of Calcium, the chances of living with osteoporosis in an old age increase.

According to a study, women tend to get affected by osteoporosis the most. If a total of 10 people have osteoporosis in America, the number of women is as high as 8. The most common cause of such an increased number of osteoporosis in women is the hormonal changes, mainly after menopause. The body frame size also matters as people with a small body size are at a higher risk as they have less bone mass. Other factors include age and race, as white and Asian women are at a higher risk of osteoporosis. Other factors may consist of a family history of osteoporosis, mainly cases of hip fractures.

Under every circumstance, taking good care of your bones at an early age is vital with calcium-rich foods and calcium supplements to lead a peaceful and painless life.


Osteoporosis is a bit difficult to diagnose as it usually affects the elderly, and they tend to name this disease ‘the age effect’ or commonly misunderstood as ‘osteoarthritis.’ Hence, the diagnosis of osteoporosis is usually delayed due to the similarities of the symptoms. It is undoubtedly a fact that these two have a lot in common but particular distinctions separates them from one another.

The most common signs and symptoms of osteoporosis include back pain, usually ignored by the patients but due to collapsed vertebrae. The bent posture can also be one of the reasons for osteoporosis as well. In a few cases, osteoporosis isn’t detected until a bone fracture is also due to a slip or a fall.

Even if you don’t have any of these symptoms but have a family history of hip fractures, consulting a doctor is necessary. You should communicate to the doctor if you have experienced early menopause or if you take certain medications that can increase the chances of osteoporosis or if you are planning to take calcium supplements.


It is essential to know about the diseases that run in the family and take care of them early. Osteoporosis is untreatable, but calcium supplements for osteoporosis can decrease bone turnover. It is vital to choose calcium supplements that are 100% soluble, and Totally Calcium is the recommended choice for the best absorption and solubility.

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