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Combat Osteoporosis with Soluble Calcium Supplements: Beat the Effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors Now!

Totally Calcium when dissolved in a bottle of water the solution looks very clear like the water. Osteoporosis is a chronic condition that affects many people, especially older adults. It is a condition in which the bones become brittle and weak, making them more likely to fracture. Osteoporosis is often a silent disease, as most...

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Combat Osteoporosis with Soluble Calcium Supplements: Beat the Effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors Now!

Understanding the link between IBS and Calcium Deficiency as well as Calcium Carbonate and IBS-D

  ‍Natural food and vegetables high in calcium can also be supplemented further by spreading Totally Calcium on them without altering the taste or flavor. Calcium is an essential mineral for our bodies. It plays an important role in bone health, muscle contraction, and nervous system functioning. But did you know that calcium deficiency can...

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3 Things to Know Before Adding Calcium to Your Diet

Adding calcium to your diet is not only beneficial for the health of your bones and teeth. It also prevents other diseases like osteoporosis, kidney stones, and colorectal cancer. Calcium is the most abundant mineral...

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Do the benefits of calcium come with an age restriction

Do the benefits of calcium come with an age restriction?

When we imagine the importance of calcium, we usually think of our bones and teeth. Although our bones and teeth are the prime beneficiaries of calcium in our bodies, calcium does much more for our...

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Calcium Treatment – An Effective Way to Prevent Osteoporosis

Everyone needs calcium for a healthy body, bones, and teeth. The human body absorbs most of its calcium requirements through a good diet and natural sunlight. As we age, we lose bone density and strength,...

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Kidney Stones – From Causes to Prevention

Do you often feel pain in your lower or back side of the body? Or feel the need to urinate more often? Chances are that you might be having a stone in your kidney. According...

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Three Threats of Calcium Deficiency in Pregnant or Lactating Women

All pregnant women have heard the term ‘eating for two.’ To some extent, this saying is correct. It means increasing the supply of vital nutrients to the body, but it does not necessarily mean eating...

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Obesity in Kids – Precautionary Measures You Can Take to Save Your Children from Obesity

Obesity is dangerous for everyone regardless of age, gender, and medical conditions. It worsens the situation when it is not cured for a long time. According to CDC, obesity has affected about 15 million children...

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