Don’t forget to take 100% soluble Totally CALCIUM® to help reduce high blood pressure. Combatting hypertension early on with supplemental calcium can reduce your risk of stroke later.


Cardiac and pulmonary disorders are together the most common cause of hypertension, which affects nearly 50 million Americans. Over half of Americans aged 60 years or older suffer from hypertension as blood pressure levels can increase with age.

Studies reveal that blood pressure may be controlled by the intake of calcium supplements. By imposing a direct obstruction to renal sodium re-absorption, calcium helps to regulate hypertension that can cause further heart disorders.


Too much sodium in food items is known to cause high blood pressure and hypertension, eventually leading to cardiovascular disease.  While we can’t avoid salty foods altogether, the presence of calcium in body fluids prevents reabsorption of sodium by the kidneys. Adding calcium to salty foods and drinks can allow us to enjoy them as we wish, while preventing high blood pressure.
Only Totally CALCIUM® provides sufficient calcium without changing the taste, color or consistency of our food and drinks.