Totally Calcium can be mixed into any drink or meal with no added taste! Avoid the choking hazard of calcium tablets and make sure your kids are getting the vitamins and minerals they need to grow up healthy and strong! You should buy them the best calcium for kids.


In the first few months of life, babies are constantly growing and developing. Supporting this development is essential in making sure our kids grow up strong and healthy. Calcium is crucial in growing strong bones and teeth, promoting nerve and muscle function, activating digestive enzymes, and even helping blood clot!

As babies grow, they may be at risk for low blood calcium levels due to certain medications, maternal diabetes, infection, underactive thyroid glands, or stress caused by illness. Adding Totally CALCIUM® to drinks and meals can support growth and reinforce calcium levels as babies go through such a crucial stage of development.


It’s important to take in adequate amounts of calcium in childhood to prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures in adulthood. So, it is advised to buy the best calcium supplement for osteoporosis, as we can avoid the loss of bone mass that comes with age through regular exercise, good nutrition, and beneficial supplements, but our bones will inevitably lose strength through the years. Doctors know of an important correlation: the stronger bones we have in our early 20s, the longer they last as we age. No doubt, it is best for our children to grow strong bones while it still comes easy to them.


Calcium intake declines as children grow up because of decreasing dairy consumption. Only 11% of girls and 28% of boys aged 12 to 19 years consume the recommended serving of dairy products.