Calcium tablets are insoluble and can create side effects like bloating, gas, and constipation. Give your body the calcium it needs with 100% soluble Totally CALCIUM® and bypass the gas!


In a recent study done by Baylor University Medical Center, calcium carbonate tablets ingested with a full meal and observed resulted in no more than 32% absorption of calcium into the body after 10 hours. The same study also reported that calcium carbonate placed in a dilute hydrochloric acid solution could dissolve no more than 10% of the tablet.

With an empty stomach, calcium availability from the carbonate tablet could be 10% or less. A 600 mg calcium carbonate tablet can only deliver 60 mg of calcium at best. Antacids and PPI drugs could prevent the presence of an adequate amount of acid in the stomach, making calcium carbonate tablets even harder to fully digest. Under low acid conditions, a 1000 mg calcium carbonate tablet could take up to 52 glasses of orange juice to fully dissolve.

As a 100% soluble calcium source, Totally CALCIUM® delivers 120 mg of calcium in one dose irrespective of stomach acidity.