Calcium Supplements For Bones

Healing a bone fracture takes a LOT of energy and resources out of the body. Calcium is essential for strong bones, and it’s especially important when you’re healing a fracture. Considering adding calcium supplements for bones or calcium tablets for bones to your regular diet can help to speed up the healing process by giving your body the resources it needs to build new bone tissue. In addition, calcium helps to reduce inflammation and pain associated with fractures. It’s important to talk to your doctor before taking calcium supplements, as too much calcium can actually interfere with the healing process. But if you’re looking for ways to help your body heal a fracture, calcium is a good place to start and particularly Totally CALCIUM® which provides 100% soluble and absorbable calcium unlike other calcium tablets for bones which require a meal before taking the tablet to have adequate amount of acid in the stomach to dissolve a fraction of the tablet and the undissolved portion goes to solid waste.

calcium supplements for bones


On average, approximately 6 million Americans break a bone each year. Although bone fractures can occur anywhere in the body, spinal or vertebral fractures are most common. Chances of bone fracture increase with age along with risks of developing osteoporosis. As such, 90% of hip fractures occur due to osteoporosis.

calcium tablets for bones


Bone fractures can occur regardless of age or condition. Whatever the cause of the fracture, healing it is a continuous process and extra calcium taken throughout the day creates better conditions for quick and efficient bone repair. Totally CALCIUM® provides the best source of absorbable calcium for the body to use, allowing bone fractures to mend more quickly.