Totally Calcium provides the most effective way of adding Calcium to your diet in 100% absorbable, soluble and digestible form.

Totally Calcium can be added to your cereal, soup, tea, coffee, water, bakery mix or any hot or cold beverage, makes it to take Calcium in your way. Totally Calcium is the only known soluble calcium available, which can make your drinks an excellent source of calcium as good as or better than milk, most effective for all of us even for those who are lactose intolerants among us. Totally Calcium has no side effects.


  • 100% soluble and digestible calcium
  • No big pills, capsules or chewing chalk
  • No calcium carbonate to form gas and bloating
  • No chemical additives or preservatives
  • Does not alter taste, color or flavors
  • Contains all naturally soluble digestible compounds
  • Each stick contains calcium gluconate, lactate, acetate, citrate and malate
  • Requires no food to eat before taking it, unlike other supplements
  • Convenient to carry a stick in a bag
  • Add to your cereal, tea, coffee, water or juice * See instructions here
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100% Soluble and Absorbable Calcium Supplement for Bone Health & Joint Support for Men and Women – Get 60 Sticks for 30 Days Supply

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Totally CALCIUM® offers a simple and effective way to incorporate a full serving of calcium into your daily diet.


Totally CALCIUM® is individually packaged for on-the-go convenience.


Our formula provides as much calcium as a full glass of milk.

Benefits of Calcium Supplements


Calcium doesn’t just help build strong bones, but is key to maintaining a healthy heart.


Calcium is proven to contribute to healthy skin, protect against cancer, can even help with weight loss.

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Totally CALCIUM® is totally amazing! Read below to see how Totally CALCIUM® has made a real difference in people’s lives.

My Bone Density improved with taking this product where as it did not with calcium products I had previously tried. It is very easy to order on line and delivery is very quick.

Mrs. Johnson, PA

I Love-Love-Love This Product! I Can’t Take The Pill Form Of Calcium; It Literally Makes Me Sick To My Stomach. But Ever Since I Started Taking Totally Calcium A Few Years Ago, I’ve Never Had That Problem Again. Thank You Tc People! :0)

Karen, CA

Thank You to Customer Support for Responding So Quickly To My Email. Made Me Definitely Order Your Product.

Rebecca, MI


Totally CALCIUM® is totally amazing! Read below to see how Totally CALCIUM® has made a real difference in people’s lives.


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