Press Release Mar 03, 2009
Totally CALCIUM guarantees fortification of drinks or foods without altering the taste .

A new and unique Calcium supplement can enhance or fortify any drink or food without altering the taste. Recent studies suggest a food or drink rich in Calcium or fortified with Calcium lowers the risk of Cancer instead of taking calcium tablets.

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar 03, 2009 – (Press Release) – Burlington - MA: A new and unique calcium supplement called Totally CALCIUM can fortify beverages and foods without altering their taste. The product delivers 100% soluble chelated Calcium. Totally CALCIUM's all natural, chelated and soluble ingredients do not require any acid in the stomach or in the food to dissolve, can be added to fortify or enhance the calcium content of virtually any food or drink. As a result, the amount of Calcium taken with a meal or in a drink can be significantly enhanced. It delivers 100% absorbable calcium and comes in a conveniently packaged individual dose format. Totally CALCIUM delivers extremely pure calcium with no other additives unlike other calcium supplements available as tablets or capsules. Tablets and capsules may require significant amounts of acid to dissolve in the stomach and then be absorbed. Recently, The Wall Street Journal has published an article titiled “Calcium May Protect Against Cancer” reported that foods and drinks that contain or fortified with calcium may protect against cancer better than taking calcium as tablet supplement. This article was written based on a close to decade long research studies published in the February issue of Archives of Internal Medicine. According to the article, the National Institute of Health and AARP jointly ran the study with 492,810 participants who were members of AARP between the ages 50 and 71. The study concluded that the calcium intake is related with lower risk of total cancer and cancer of digestive system, particularly colon cancer. Due to the unique nature of its delivery system, Totally CALCIUM can be used to fortify foods or drinks just by mixing with it, as it is completely soluble, even in water. Adding Totally CALCIUM to foods and beverages can help one to stay healthy and active without significantly changing the lifestyle and eating habits.

Totally CALCIUM, is made of proprietary mixture of all natural, kosher certified completely soluble chelated calcium powder, delivers 100% absorbable Calcium. The product is delivered in a stick package format, which makes it easy to pour the powder to a bottle of water, glass of orange juice or to a bowl of soup. Totally Calcium could be mixed with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning to stop the bone loss from the beginning of the day. Totally Calcium could also be added to baking mixes for making cookies or other baked foods to provide calcium for the entire family and particularly for growing children and teenagers. Totally Calcium does not cause gas or bloating or other side effects unlike other calcium tablets or capsules. Excellent Calcium enhancement source for lactose intolerants. Totally CALCIUM has been made a “Friend of the National Osteoporosis Foundation”. For more information about the product visit

Naples Marketing Systems, LLC is manufacturer of Totally CALCIUM. Totally CALCIUM is available at major drug stores and at the company's product website. Naples Marketing Systems is dedicated to bring new and innovative healthcare products required to maintain healthy and active lifestyle. For more information about the product visit

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