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Kidney Stones

Kidney stones affect around 1 in 11 people across the U.S. Excess oxalate absorption by the kidneys contributes to the formation of these often painful mineral deposits. Soluble and absorbable Totally CALCIUM® may lessen this oxalate absorption.

How does calcium affect kidney stones?

Traditionally, it was believed that people suffering from calcium-based kidney stones, should reduce their calcium intake to avoid the recurrence of the disease. However, researchers suggest that a larger calcium intake actually helps inhibit the formation of stones in the kidneys.

Combining with oxalate in our intestinal tract, soluble calcium forms calcium oxalate which prevents oxalate absorption and subsequent precipitation of insoluble oxalate compounds as stone in the urinary tract. Free Oxalate, being a stronger agent of stone formation than calcium, has a lesser chance of getting absorbed in urinary tract when we take in more calcium. This then prevents the formation of kidney stones.