Osteoporosis - Healing Process
Little is known about how Calcium actually works inside our body to prevent bone loss. When the level of Calcium rises in blood, a hormone called Calcitonin encourages the deposition of Calcium in the bones. This in turn, protects our skeleton. However, further research is required to bring out the real story behind the mechanism involved with the prevention of bone loss.

It is better if we know the exact amount of Calcium to be consumed, in order to cope with the problems associated with bone loss. The National Institute of Health (NIH) says that there are many Americans, whose Calcium intake is less than even half the recommended amount essential for building and maintaining healthy bones. To treat and prevent Osteoporosis, the NIH has their recommendations of the amount of Calcium intake –

Children 800-1200 mg / day
Adolescent Girls 1200-1500 mg / day
Pre-menopausal Women
( 19 to 50 years old )
1000 mg / day
Older Adults
( 51 to 70 years old )
1200-1500 mg / day
Older Women 1500 mg / day, excepting those on Estrogen, who require 1000 mg / day only.


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