Osteoporosis Facts
The human body requires Calcium for building and maintaining healthy bones. A life long scarcity of Calcium may lead to the development of Osteoporosis. Several studies reveal that bone loss associated with both Menopause as well as old age may be reduced through the intake of Calcium. Our body needs Calcium supply throughout the day, which our current diet is not providing us. Calcium from supplements along with dietary Calcium actually meets the total Calcium requirement of our body for the day.

Osteoporosis is the physical condition where the normal bone density is lost due to Calcium deficiency. This makes our bones, especially those of the wrist, spine and hip, porous and easily breakable. According to the recent National Institute of Health (NIH) estimation, more than 1.5 million of us suffer from fractures yearly. This includes approximately 700,000 Spinal Fractures, 300,000 Hip Fractures, 250,000 Wrist Fractures and over 300,000 cases of fractures in other body parts. Adequate Calcium intake on an everyday, round-the-clock basis insures healty bones.


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