Kid's Meals
Not enough Calcium in childhood leads to bone fractures in adult life and osteoporosis. Endless orthopedic and general health problems may follow!

Certainly, we can fight the loss of bone mass that comes with age by regular exercise, healthy nutrition and, of course, calcium supplements.

Still, our bones will slowly lose strength as we age. Moreover, Doctors know of this correlation: The stronger bones we have in our early 20s, the longer they last.

No doubt, our children must grow strong bones when it comes easy to them. To do it they need Calcium!

We get Calcium from eating dairy products like milk and cheese. Unfortunately, kids don't always eat what is best for them, they want soft drinks instead of milk, or they may be lactose intolerant. Whatever the reason, many children in the US do not get enough calcium in their diet.

Can you persuade your kids to take a Calcium supplement? Well, TOTALLY CALCIUM™ makes it easy to give them what they need! TOTALLY CALCIUM™ has no taste, is very soluble and completely absorbed by the body. Simply add TOTALLY CALCIUM™ to their cereal bowl, instant oatmeal, orange juice or soup.

Your kids won't complain. They will learn the health benefits of Calcium and thank you later in life.

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