Hypertension and Heart Disorder - Facts
Cardiac disorder, Pulmonary disorder or both together form the most common reason of Secondary Pulmonary Hypertension. Being the most familiar disease in U.S.A. , Hypertension affects nearly 50 million Americans, that is about 28 million of the U.S. adult population. Here, we find an increase in the levels of blood pressure with age. The third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) indicates that over half of the Americans aged 60 years or more suffer from Hypertension. As you near your eighties, special attention should be taken regarding Hypertension for your health.

In America , Hypertension exists mostly among the African American population. About one out of three African American suffer from this disease. White American and Mexican Americans come next in the rating after African American. One will be surprised to find that African American and Mexican American females, starting from the age of 60 and White American women aged over 70 years suffer from Hypertension more than their male counterparts. One has to be a bit more careful if an individual is overweight or has a hereditical case history of high blood pressure. In these cases there could be every possibility of being affected by Hypertension.

Few studies reveal that pressure may be controlled by the intake of Calcium supplements. By imposing a direct obstruction to renal Sodium re-absorption, Calcium helps in regulating High Blood Pressure and Hypertension that causes Heart Disorders in us.

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